Drawing from Observation 8-Week Class



Rebecca James 



[email protected]


8-Week Class

Tuesdays: 4 - 6pm

April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, No Class May 7, May 14, 21, 28


This course is a survey of the foundations of observational drawing.  Students will learn how to represent our three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional plane. We will start out exploration in mark making with line, then move to an investigation of shape and value. All drawings will be created from direct observation of a still-life. Composition, hierarchy, and proportion will be emphasized. Students will learn how to use a variety of pencils, charcoal pencils, and charcoals, as well as explore multiple techniques using their drawing media.  The course will start with skill-building exercises and then shift focus to the completion of one drawing per class. Both live and video demonstrations will be used to maximize comprehension. 

Observational Drawing is open to both teens (10th grade or higher), and adults. It is ideal for those new to drawing from observation, and those with some drawing experience who want to improve their drawing technique.  This course provides the foundational skills essential to confidently move up to drawing in color, and figure drawing.  

After completing the course, students will be able to: 

  • Choose the grade of pencil or type of charcoal appropriate for different drawing situations
  • Choose the media that best suits your drawing style
  • Understand how to break apart the elements of a still-life and create a preliminary sketch using proper placement and proportion
  • Develop a dynamic composition
  • Understand how a light source affects the observable values of an object
  • Use a blending stump to make smooth value transitions in order to create three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional plane
  • Translate the color of objects to their correlating greyscale value
  • Create a realistic still life drawing using both additive and subtractive techniques


A link to the supply list will be emailed upon enrollment in the course. 

Max number of students: 12



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